a tea man's story

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Wang Mingshun ------- a tea man's story

He domineering exposed, claiming to command Wuyi Mountain tea industry for 26 years, do the things he should do; he spared no effort, ten thousand acres of tea garden footprints, two temples white thin;

  He is Wuyi mountain last one state-owned tea factory director, in 2004 to remove all the main office, he was in his own business card marked "senior commentary tea division." Baidu him, but still have two directors, four vice president, a vice chairman, a director, a senior reviewer, a successor, a founder, an honorary director, A total of 12 shocks.

 Wuyi rock tea, many types and complicated, he spent a full two years to develop Wuyi rock tea national standards, he is also the successor of rock tea skills. The hearer is not an ad, not a personal honor, it is a "responsibility".

Why should "inherit"? It is because there is no fast, so you should be the inheritance of this skill should be passed down. And I think the inheritance in addition to inheritance skills, but also to do research.

 What is rock bone flower aroma? Three times in mouth, the cup in the three incense (cover cup aroma, water aroma, hanging cup aroma). Cover cups are mainly determined by the variety, the water is mainly determined by the process, hanging cup aroma mainly by the tree species and baked fire decision.

Wuyi Mountain for the tea industry, he believes that tea is certainly a sustainable development of the industry, so each stage has the lackadge.

Today's market advantage lies in the diversification, pattern, to meet the needs of consumers. Inadequate is a fish. But now is not the era of self-conscious self-optimization, but the consumer in the supervision of enterprises in the production of high-quality high-security tea.

  Leisure time, Wang Shunming like to stay with granddaughter together. Wang Shunming feel that if young 30 years, he will still make every effort to make tea, love tea


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