Alpine Jinyun yellow tea base

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Alpine Jinyun yellow tea base

800 meters above sea level Sanxi Township Agricultural Comprehensive Park Jinyun Xuan yellow tea base. Jinyun green mountains, the production of "three yellow through three green" Jinyun yellow tea, won several gold medals, brand famous.

Jinyun yellow tea from the breeding of seedlings, to establish a comparative test field, has now formed a base of 1,000 acres of yellow tea.

Alpine dense forest area, where the peaks and ridges, clouds filled, lush vegetation, rich in organic matter, with unique ecological conditions, away from pollution, Jinyun yellow tea is the real original ecological tea.

Green and bright leaves, jade yellow with green, bright stretch, Jinyun has independent intellectual property rights of the rare yellow tea Variety.

At present, "Jinyun yellow tea" production is still very small, the Agricultural Fair is limited to show, free for everyone to taste, but not for sale. Some people love tea, want to buy a little even in high price, but also failed. After being heard that it will sell in next year,they turn worry for joy, and they will come to buy definitely.


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