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China is the hometown of tea culture, but also has a large production of tea. Then had the experience of the vicissitudes and finally ushered brilliant Anhua pine needles is NOPHTEA want to introduce today, I think a lot of people have heard the name of Anhua pine needle. NOPHTEA gives you an explanation of the origin of Anhua pine needles following.

Where is Anhua pine needle tea origin, Anhua pine needle introduction

In the Qing Dynasty Daoguang year, is the most popular time of pine needle, at that time Anhua pine needle was selected for tribute tea, it is learned that there are 3600-4000 tons of sales during that time. Anhua has a long history of tea production, since the beginning of the Ming Dynasty Wanli twenty-three years, Anhua pine needle was set for the official tea, which is the main tea trade.

To talk about the Anhua green tea, originated in the early Ming Dynasty, when the green tea merely the baking tea, to Hongwu twenty-four years or so, when the Hunan tributes 140 pounds tea, but in particular the requirements of Anhua tribute tea must to 22 pounds, which is the history of the famous "four treasures tribute tea." Anhua pine needle quality is so good, really thanks to the origin of tea - Anhua. Tea distribution more natural and growth lush in Anhua territory, in the 9th century or so, Anhua tea had a very large production, and are basically export in batch.

At the same time, Hunan Anhua produced very high quality of tea, so there is also a black tea and red tea homtown reputation, and here is also the birth of brick tea and needle tea origin, basically Hunan Province Of the Kung Fu red tea, black tea standards are produced here, but also the country's important tea town.

Anhua County, Hunan Province is a concentrated point of China's tea production, where rich in tea, in addition to the above-mentioned Anhua pine needles, there are well-known Anhua black tea, and sometimes NOPTHTEA do not know what this is the completion of the pine needles and Black tea, or because pine needles and black tea give the name of Anhua? Perhaps, this is a kind of a proud of each other.


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