Frozen top DongDing oolong tea

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Frozen top (DongDing) oolong tea

1 frozen top oolong tea, which is made from the village of phoenix village in the phoenix village of fugu village (frozen top alley), the tea area is 600 to 1000 meters above sea level, and is known as "the holy product of tea".

2 key area deer valley township, with an average annual temperature of 22 ℃, annual rainfall of 2200 mm, the air humidity is bigger, at the age of clouds.
The tea garden is brown and viscous soil, mixed with weathered fine soft stone, good drainage and water storage conditions.

3. The frozen top tea can be picked all year round, and the spring tea harvest is from late march to late may;
Summer tea from late may to late August;
Autumn tea from late August to late September;
Winter tea runs from mid-october to late November.
Picking the undeveloped buds of two or three leaves.
The picking time is the best at 10 am to 2 PM every day.
The standard is one bud and two leaves

4 frozen technology of fuel oolong tea is very exquisite, picking the seeds sprout leaves, such as green heart oolong sunning, cool blue, sea blue, liquor, rolling, baking, repeated at the beginning of mass knead knead (bag), after drying, baked and made again.

5 frozen top oolong tea has a semi-spherical shape, dark green oil, bright yellow and green light, high aroma, sweet smell of caramel, strong taste, and blister.


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