Hippocamus Palace Tea

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The hai ma gong tea is produced in the hippocampus palace of the right eagle rock in Dafang County, Guizhou Province. Tea garden three facing the mountain, one side to the valley, elevation of up to 1500 meters or so, high mountain cloud thick, stream vertical and horizontal.

Tea garden on three sides constitute a natural barrier, blocking the invasion of cold air, coupled with the dense vegetation, the formation of residential climate unique.

And the hippocampus palace tea garden soil into the body of sand shale, loose soil, rich in potassium content, up to 127ppm, pH4.6-4.9, suitable for tea growth.

 According to legend, in the Qing Dynasty Qianlong years, when the Guizhou Dading government has a name of guichao Weng, in Wendeng County, Shandong Province, any county, quite interested in tea, feel refreshing, lifted fatigue when drinking tea.


 "Back of tea leaf with a white hair is good, should be picked a few days before the Grain Rain day," picking standards: first grade of a bud - a leaf early development; second grade of tea for one bud two leaves, third grade tea as a bud with 3 leaves.


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