Jiyang small lake narcissus tea

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Jiyang small lake narcissus tea

1 narcissus tea is han Chinese famous tea tea farmers created, belong to one of the tea varieties in China, is a kind of fujian oolong tea in the class.

2 narcissus tea varieties is the only tea tree originated in jianyang county, fujian province, a qing daoguang years ou zhengning hetian righteousness in the great lakes (now jianyang lake town lake village) tea farmers su fork to the village to the pier village rock mountain cutting wood, ZhuTao hole found a camellia tree at the top of the mountain, and fold branch plant survival, after to layering and tea seedling, and with oolong tea process tightly, strange incense, quality is better than the other varieties.
As the word "zhu" approximates the local dialect "water", "I wish taoxian" has been evolved into "narcissus tea", which has been used to this day.
3 Located in the village of qinxi village in xiaohu town, the village is a natural village, where the water is winding and the mountains are surrounded by mountains.
The majestic mountain lion was standing before the village.
Double lion calendar at an altitude of 816 meters, the high mountains and steep, more for peak cliff cliff, at the age of mist, is very suitable for narcissus tea tree growth microclimate.

4 in the small lake double lion through interrupt the crook is still left a mountain fairy tea old tree.

5 narcissus tea appearance, colour and lustre, a green oil moisten and belt in brown color part back sand, leaf base the main pulse width flat clear, aromatic, with unique "orchid sweet, taste mellow, throat rhyme, the sweet and relaxed, looked with deep orange, more resistant to brew, soft leaves, and leaf margin red red.


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