Qimen black tea

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Qimen black tea

Qimen black tea is referred to as qi hong, and the tea leaves are made from the middle and middle of the local tea leaves. It is produced by the "leaves of leaves" (also known as the qimen species), which is a famous tea in China and a famous black tea.

The han Chinese tea farmers in anhui province created the guangxu period, but the earliest records can be traced back to the tea classics of the tang dynasty.

It is found in qimen of anhui province, east to east, guichi (now chi zhou city), shitai, yixian county, and floating girder in jiangxi province.

It is found in the anhui qi gate, east to, guichi (now the city of chi zhou), stone tai, yixian county, and the floating girders of jiangxi."Qi hong tea is the most famous, famous and famous.

Qimen tea production has a long history, as early as in the tang dynasty there was a very prosperous tea market, is "the land of Chinese black tea".
The people here follow the mountains and water, and the sun rises and falls.

The tea farmers who manage the tea garden on the mountain occasionally rest in the pavilion between the tea garden, chatting with bubble tea.

At the time of tea harvest, standing on the shore can always see the tea farmers carrying tea.


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