Smell incense, taste TieGuanyin

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Smell incense, taste good tieGuanyin

1 smell incense, toggle Tieguanyin tea tablets, can also be added to the fun of our little mood

2 in the Chinese cultural tradition, smell incense is a pleasant thing, Tieguanyin tea is the most suitable for smell when taste the tea

3 smell incense, must be the pubic region of the turbid spit, and then slowly take a deep breath, this time, this fragrance will stay in the nasal mucosa, smell incense is very good on our kidney, and good on our inner self-cultivation, also help appearance temperament.

4 different incense contains a variety of rich elements of life, soothe the nerves awake brain, invigorating the meridians, to help sleep and other effects, so in ancient times incense has been as the emperor travel essential items

5 we often metaphor Buddha nature by incense, although the long buried, once decay off, its incense can be smoked the world, and Tieguanyin charm complement each other


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