Statistics of questionnaire survey on weight loss tea

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Drinking diet tea is a way for many people to lose weight.

The diet tea that sells on the market, clear bowel tea is a variety of eight sample, each each say oneself have obvious reducing weight effect or have the effect that has the general rundown bowel, whether really is to reduce weight so effective?

The PClady beauty channel designed a series of related questions on the design of diet tea to survey netizens and see how the users' feelings of drinking diet tea are.

Let's take a look at the results of the diet tea questionnaire survey.

1. Have you ever drank diet tea and detoxified tea and other products?

Yes, but when you drink it, you don't drink 56% more
Yes, I've been drinking 21%
No, but if it works, it will try 19%
No, I think it will hurt my body and I will not try 4%

The survey found that 77 percent of Internet users had ever had a diet of tea or a cup of tea, which could be seen as a popular diet.
But 56 percent of Internet users did not drink it because of the weight loss.

2. After use, what do you think of the effect of this type of slimming tea drink?

There was no obvious effect, and the body did not have a bad reaction of 45%
I drank a few times and I didn't dare to drink another 27 percent
In general, not reduced to much, and drink to the body very little 22 percent
Yes, weight loss is obvious, but it is 6%

Total 333 ticket
The survey found that 72 percent of Internet users felt that weight loss tea had no effect, while 45 percent had no significant effect, while 25 percent had diarrhea.
Only 28% of the netizens feel weight-loss tea can reduce weight, 22% of the netizens said although there are reduced, but not too much, while 6% of netizens feel weight-loss tea effect is good, weight is significantly reduced, but also will have loose bowels.

3. How long have you been sticking to the weight loss slimming tea?

A few days 37%
A week by 14%
Two weeks, 13%
Three weeks 6%
9% a month

21 percent over a month
The survey found that 37 percent of Internet users had given up on the diet for just a few days, but 21 percent stuck with it for more than a month.

4. Do you have any changes in your diet during the diet?

Eat normally 63 percent
For better results, a little bit on a diet of 31%
I was relieved to take medicine, so I ate 6% more than before

The survey found that 63 percent of Internet users had a normal diet when they drank weight loss, and did not eat or eat more.

Thirty-one percent of Internet users are a little dieting to have a better weight loss, and 6 percent said they felt it had the effect of losing weight, so they ate more.

5. Do you have any auxiliary exercise to lose weight during the period of taking the product?

It was as high as 87 percent
The amount of exercise was 7 percent larger than usual
The motion was reduced by six percent

Survey found that 87% of Internet users in the weight-loss tea drink exercise did not increase or decrease, as usual, only 7% of the netizens activity increased, decreased in 6% of the netizens exercise.


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