The black tea formed on horseback

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The black tea formed on horseback

Black tea can be traced back to the earliest period of the Tang and Song tea trade. The tea-horse trader starting from Yaan arrived at Tibet for at least two to three months.

 Because there is no shade rain tool, tea is often drenched, and dried in sunny day, for dry and wet changing process so that the role of tea in the microbial under the fermentation, resulting in a completely different quality When the tea products.

Tea Horse Road, the most arduous journey is Ya'an to Kangding. At first, the back husband to carry a heavy tea bag walking on foot, over the mountains. And then changed to yak and mule horse pack transport, tea, bamboo basket packaging but also re-sewing a layer of leather, to ensure that long-distance bumps.

Today's Tea Horse Road, has been covered with bluestone, but walking in the above is still tense. Rugged steep mountain road, people riding on horseback did not care to take care of the surrounding scenery, bent on how to grasp the horse sets, to prevent falling.

Traded on this trail is not only tea, salt and sugar, as well as ideas, traditions, culture, literature, crafts and personnel exchanges and communication. Thousands of years ago opened up the Tea Horse Road, today is "one belt one road" strategy in the form of revival.


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