Tibetan ghee tea - chumasma

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Tibetan ghee tea - chumasma

If you are traveling in Tibet, you can almost see tea in any Tibetan family.
Because tea is a daily indispensable food for tibetans.
The Tibetan language is called "chsuma", which means stirring tea.
It is a liquid mixed with a variety of food drink, drink up and flavor diversity, not only sweet and salty, there is sweet in gansu, not only can warm warm, also can supplement nutrition.
The Tibetan ghee is not only the tea that tibetans love, but also the tea that the tibetans use for their guests.
If have a guest in the home of tibetans, they welcomed the guests to the edge of the Tibetan square table and then in front of the guests in a wooden bowl or cup, and then gently shake the teapot to make tea oil even before put tea for the guests.
As times have changed, the Tibetan ghee is more than just a taste. It is also added to the new elements.
Some people add a small amount of coffee to the Tibetan ghee.
This new type of ghee tea is popular with young people, and if you have a chance to try it, you'll love it.


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