Wuyi imperial tea garden

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Wuyi imperial tea garden

To wuyishan is "less than tourism is equal to the white day," said, but another long views are still under the heavenly tour peak - wuyi tea garden

The imperial tea garden, which was designed with royal specifications, retains a large number of ancient architectural structures.Renfeng gate, bai fa hall, qing zen hall, and the four sides of thought, the pavilion, the sweet, the pavilion, the pavilion, and the pavilion are all the more interesting places to look at.   


Tea dancing is also a feature of today's wuyi tea garden.   


The superior soil of wuyi mountain, which makes the tea of wuyi mountain produce special quality, was made by local officials in the yuan dynasty for the imperial court, which was deeply appreciated by the emperor.But the entrance of wuyi tea brought a terrible disaster to the tea farmers of wuyi mountain, and the increase of the supply of the tea farmers in the year was a great burden to the tea farmers, and they were forced to flee.   


In the thirty-six years of the reign of emperor jiajing of the Ming dynasty, the imperial tea garden was neglected, the tea tree withered, the building was broken, and it was ruined.The site is still in place, and there is a monument in the tree, "imperial tea garden ruins".


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