Wuyi Mountain Bai tea

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Wuyi Mountain Bai tea

World culture and natural heritage Fujian Wuyi Mountain, not only charming landscape, and here "Dahongpao", "Lapsang Sochong black tea" and green tea in mountain are also the same cheeky fragrance.

 And different to the rest of China's tea, there is also a long history of tea vulgar. Not only the master familiar Gong Fu tea - eighteen tea ceremony, as well as scattered in a variety of different styles of folk customs.

 The 8th March is Women's Day, in this festival, where the spread of thousands of years of tea vulgar - tea.

Men may not be on the table, tea is actually a woman drinking tea vulgar. This kind of tea vulgar is different from kung fu tea, choose the bowl without cup, not too many festivals, two or three people can attend, then come at any time to intervene.

In the past, in the countryside, the men went up the mountain to live, the women busy after the housework, chatting each other, leisurely, during which accompanied by tea and farm snacks, over time to form a custom, become a form of women's homemade, This kind of party by the mother with a woman, daughter-in-law to be inherited from generation to generation.


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