Yueyang yellow tea

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Yueyang yellow tea

Located in the eight hundred miles of Dongting Lake, Yueyang so called the land of plenty, but also an important producing areas of tea in Hunan, is one of China's six major tea representative of the origin, which Junshan silver needles and North Hong Kong.

Maojian are the famous yellow tea in history.

In recent years, Yueyang municipal government attaches great importance to yellow tea industry, yellow tea production scale has been expanding.

Yueyang tea production enterprises in accordance with the unified production standards of yellow tea to produce all kinds of yellow tea, pressed tea

Yueyang yellow tea, suck heaven and earth of the aura, take the essence of the moon, through generation after generation of Yueyang tea hard work, has become a wonderful Chinese tea garden.

Yueyang yellow tea, not only nutrition, health ingredients rich, and soup color apricot yellow limpid, mellow taste cool lasting, fresh aroma elegant, gentle and soft, filling the noble taste of yellow tea.


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