Camellia in front of the old house yard

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Tea flower in front of the old house yard 

1 There is always showing a familiar feeling for this old house, whole big Quanzhou has countless old houses like this.

2 living in Tieguanyin adjacency hometown, Tieguanyin is not stranger

3 Although there is a place across the mountain, but we do not produce tea there, like a piece of tea seedlings, only to turn over the mountain can see

4 Even so, in our hometown, we can still see a sporadic two black tea trees in our hometown. There are a few unmanned wild tea trees in front of the old house yard for a long time. Time is always a little look forward to the time of bloom

5 as a hometown without tea, of course, is not much attention for the varieties of tea, but for the flowers will always have that burst of joy, watching the flowers always like to play in the past, but also not pick the flowers, just play like that. Slowly grow up, and that a few trees when the disappearance of tea did not have the impression, like never had been, did not see this camellia for a long time


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