Mae Salong Chinese Oolong Tea, A Foreign Chinese Alpine Tea

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There are seven dozen such villages along the ti-burma border.
The village is inhabited by Chinese people, almost 30,000 people.

They are veterans of the Mae Salong, and they are Chinese people who have been forgotten by the historical war.

Mae Salong green tea
For many reasons, they lost contact with the motherland
It is located in the mountains of more than one thousand three hundred meters, the scenery is beautiful, the mountains and forests are stacked, the year-round climate is warm like spring.
After the rain, the air is clean and the sky is blue.

Mae Salong green tea

Although the body is in a foreign country, but they dream of only one word - China!
The cemetery there is all toward the north, because there is their home town, China!
That is the home they will never return to.
Over the past four decades, they have gradually abandoned their military agriculture and opened their own tea, which has been replaced by the lush green tea mountains and the beauty of the cherry blossoms.

Mae Salong green tea

A desert mountain is developed into a tourist attraction with unique natural scenery and cultural landscape.
From the 1970s, they introduced oolong tea from Taiwan.

Mae Salong green tea

Now there are alpine tea plantations, large tea processing plants and tea processing workshops, producing hundreds of tons of tea per year.
As soon as you walk into a small shop, the store clerk will greet you with a warm greeting in Chinese, "sit and have a cup of tea".

Mae Salong green tea

A thick aroma of tea, rising in the pot, and floating in the hills of mesa.


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