Yunnan Big White Tea

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Yunnan big white tea

1 big white tea in yunnan legend is made by a "six bowl of rice to eat, every day make nine and a half jins of hoe" Chen LiuJiu to jiang impressive (i.e., the lancang river) business, found in white tea, tea mountain dam was secretly took tens of grain seeds, hidden in a bamboo pole, back to the tower plants.

2 big white tea is a rare plant seedling tower, one of the largest tea tree diameter around 1.22 meters, the trunk diameter of 0.28 meters height 5.8 meters, 4.6 meters crown.                                                                                          

3 big white tea and other tea have obvious differences: bud leaves covered with pastel, stout into tea heavy compaction, pekoe revealed, a white, smell fragrant, tea liquor clear, sweet taste and back, bubble water resistant is famous in the world.In the qing dynasty, the local officials ordered the tea farmers to make elaborate and make "white dragon Saigon tea" to the imperial court, become the treasures of tea, and the fame spread.                                                                                                                                                       

4 The tea farmers, who live here, make a living with tea and tea.                                                                                                                                               

5 In addition to serving a portion of tea as a source of life, there is also a tea farmer who will stay and taste and serve.


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